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Patricia Barmatz

Patricia Barmatz

Mission Hills, CA


Although born in California, Patricia Barmatz actually spent her pre-teen years in New Jersey where the Watchung Reservation was just a climb over the back fence. She embraced every opportunity that came her way to trek through the woods and spend time at her favorite stables. The profound love of animals and horses she developed during those growing years, in what felt like a magical place, is what inspires her creative endeavors today. There is something about the honesty that comes across in her artwork, especially when she pairs children and animals. A self-taught artist, specializing in colored pencil and mixed media, Barmatz has an uncanny ability to create life on the canvas.

Patricia Barmatz was born in California, but her family moved to Summit, NJ when she was just one year old. Growing up in New Jersey, Patricia was surrounded by the Watchung Reservation which is a 1945 acre park which is inhabited by many different types of animals. As a young girl she would walk out her back yard and hop the wooden fence and walk through the woods to her favorite stables. Watchung stables is where she found her love of horses and animals. She moved back to California at 12 years of age, but the love for animals stayed with her. When she grew up she started teaching horseback riding and started her art career.

Patricia is a self-taught artist specializing in colored pencil and mixed media. She loves to paint all types of animals, especially horses and children. Painting the children and animals together reminds her of the when she was a child experiencing nature for the first time.


Regal Western Scrub Jay by Patricia Barmatz


Beautiful Western Scrub Jay by Patricia Barmatz


California Western Scrub Jay by Patricia Barmatz


Eyes Up Heels Down by Patricia Barmatz


Peacock Showing All Feathers by Patricia Barmatz


Squirrel Feeding by Patricia Barmatz


Concentration - Hunter Jumper Horse and Rider by Patricia Barmatz


Jump by Patricia Barmatz


Rocking with Friends - Kitten and Stuffed Animals Painting by Patricia Barmatz


Penguins in the Snow by Patricia Barmatz


When I was Young... by Patricia Barmatz


Proud - Portrait of a Thoroughbred Horse by Patricia Barmatz


I'm Not Talking To You - Penguins by Patricia Barmatz


Funny Face - Horse and Child by Patricia Barmatz


Looking Out for You - Penguins by Patricia Barmatz


Bayou - Portrait of a Himalayan by Patricia Barmatz


I Hear Ya - Dog Painting by Patricia Barmatz


Life's Hurdles With Grace - Horse Painting by Patricia Barmatz


Workhorse Blues - Horse Painting by Patricia Barmatz


The Jumper - Horse and Rider Painting by Patricia Barmatz


Yellow Rose with Dew Drops by Patricia Barmatz


New Shoe Review Horse and Children Painting by Patricia Barmatz


Pug and Nature by Patricia Barmatz


Blue - Siberian Husky Dog Painting by Patricia Barmatz


Don't Give Me Any Lip by Patricia Barmatz